Extending the Robot Framework Jar

Adding additional test libraries or support code to the Robot Framework jar is quite straightforward using the jar command included in standard JDK installation. Python code must be placed in Lib directory inside the jar and Java code can be placed directly to the root of the jar, according to package structure.

For example, to add Python package mytestlib to the jar, first copy the mytestlib directory under a directory called Lib, then run following command in the directory containing Lib:

jar uf /path/to/robotframework-2.7.1.jar Lib

To add compiled java classes to the jar, you must have a directory structure corresponding to the Java package structure and add that recursively to the zip.

For example, to add class MyLib.class, in package org.test, the file must be in org/test/MyLib.class and you can execute:

jar uf /path/to/robotframework-2.7.1.jar org