Test data templates

These templates can be used when `creating test data`_ for Robot Framework. There are templates both for `test case`_ and `resource files`_, and resource templates can also be used to create `test suite initialization files`_.

Templates are available in `HTML format`_ and `TSV format`_ and they can be customized freely. There are no templates for the `plain text format`_ because it requires so little boilerplate that templates would not be very useful.

Test case file template in HTML format.
Test case file template in TSV format.
Resource file template in HTML format.
Resource file template in TSV format.
Template for creating test cases in Acceptance Test-Driven Development (ATDD) style. These tests are created from high-level keywords needing no arguments, and the template has been simplified accordingly.

Templates are available through this user guide, they are included in the source distribution, and they can also be found from the project pages.